Exploring the Japanese market, Linuo Glass has made substantial progress!

2023/09/20 14:40


  Exploring the Japanese market, Linuo Glass has made substantial progress!

  Recently, Linuo glass went to Japan to appear at the 96th Tokyo International Gifts and Consumer Goods Exhibition. As an invited guest, Linuo attracted attention at the scene and successfully won many new customers. After the exhibition, the Linuo team visited important customers one by one and recommended core products in a targeted manner. Substantial progress has been made in the development of the Japanese market!

  On the day of the exhibition, industry leaders gathered together. As the largest and most important gift and lifestyle goods expo in Japan, high-quality customers, dealers, and suppliers from all over the world come to participate in the exhibition. Liu Yongchang, general manager of marketing of Linuo Glass Foreign Trade Company No. 3, was invited to lead a team to participate in the exhibition.

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  At the exhibition site, there was a huge crowd. Dozens of customers walked into the Linuo Glass booth to learn more about various products. 80% of them were new customers, involving retail, wholesale and gift channels.

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  Japan is a country that attaches great importance to human exchanges and gift giving, and the gift market has very broad prospects.

Japan is also a country that attaches great importance to quality. The product quality of Linuo Glass has been unanimously recognized by on-site customers and dealers.

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  It is the excellent product quality and undisputed corporate strength that have enabled Linuo Glass to win the favor of many new customers on the scene.

  There are also many old customers of Linuo Glass in the Japanese market and have established long-term cooperative relationships with us.

  After the meeting, in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the sales channels, operating conditions, and market demands of old customers, Linote Glass visited FC, PM, Daiso, Takeda, Ishigaki and other customers one by one, focusing on recommending spray baking pans, vacuum crispers, new piggy banks, molded bottles and other products, and has made substantial progress, laying a good foundation for market development.

  In order to further develop the Japanese market, Linotebo also made a special trip to investigate Japan's daily necessities market and residents' consumption habits, and visited supermarkets such as Daiso, Aeon, Nitori, Athena, Home Center, CAINZ, and 3COINS.


  Field inspection results show that Linote glass has a high market share in Japan, accounting for 50% of all heat-resistant glass products and 90% of all imported heat-resistant glass products!

  Next, Linuo Glass will sort out the data from this survey in detail, develop more small, sophisticated, environmentally friendly and healthy products based on the consumption habits of Japanese consumers, further expand the market and increase market share.

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