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Linuo Worldwide: A Global Perspective in Glass Innovation

Linuo Glass: A Global Presence

Linuo Glass has established a formidable presence in the global market, becoming a prominent name in the supply of high-quality glass products. With a customer network spanning across the globe, Linuo caters to renowned suppliers in the glass kitchen industry, ensuring exceptional service and product delivery.

Global Supply Chain System

The supply of materials comes from high-end suppliers around the world, and the company's total purchases account for 30% of total imports.



Our global supply chain is robust, sourcing materials from high-end suppliers worldwide. Linuo's total material purchases account for 30% of total imports, reflecting our significant impact on the global glass market.


Welcome to Linuo Glass: A Journey of Excellence


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Linuo's focus on pharmaceutical and heat-resistant glass has positioned us as a leader in the segment market. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our strategic planning and industry positioning.



LINUO GLASS caters to a global clientele, providing exceptional service to renowned suppliers in the glass kitchen industry.


Market Territory and Annual Sales Revenue

Our market territory covers Asia, Europe, and America, with an annual sales revenue exceeding one billion RMB. Employing over 1,500 staff members, we continue to expand our organizational structure and influence.

Strategic Planning: The New Industry Park

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Our strategic planning includes the development of a new industry park, spanning approximately 400 acres with an investment of over 2 billion RMB. This initiative is set to further expand our production capabilities and solidify our market position.

Innovation in Research

Innovation in Research_副本.jpg

Our commitment to innovation is evident in our establishment of a Joint Research Institute for Special Glass Materials with Qilu University of Technology and our collaboration with renowned universities and research institutions.

Environmental CommitmentRenewable Materials Research

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We have already joined hands with Eco-Factory to develop CMD renewable material products, and are also exploring other renewable and environmentally friendly materials.

Biodegradable: CMD bio-fully degradable plastic products, derived from chitin, can complete biodegradation in soil under natural conditions or under composting conditions.

Recyclable: CMD products are fully recyclable after use, and the edges and corners can be recycled for production.


Outlook for the Future

Linuo Worldwide looks forward to partnering with more outstanding companies and continuing to lead the pharmaceutical and heat-resistant glass market segment.

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