Why choose high borosilicate glass container?  With people's pursuit of healthy living and the improvement of environmental awareness, the use of high-quality container has become a must-have in modern family life. Among the many container materials, borosilicate glass containers are very popular
2024/02/24 13:11
  A good-looking cup can really make people drink a few more glasses of water, which saves me who doesn’t like drinking water from the fire, so I can’t wait to recommend one.  Who wouldn’t like this chubby figure and the perfect contrast of colors! !What excites me the most is that it can be used
2023/09/14 14:00
Is it necessary to use a container in the refrigerator?  Yes, Needed.    Fresh-keeping boxes are relatively common in daily life. The main reason why they are used in refrigerators is to better isolate and place food and prevent cross-contamination. On the other hand, if food is stored in the
2023/09/06 11:48
  What I recommend today is the high borosilicate glass measuring cup. In addition to being used for baking, it can also be used to stir food, make food supplements, hold desserts, beverages, etc. The treasure measuring cup is a must for almost every baker!    There are 4 specifications of 250ml,
2023/08/28 10:45
Different types of baking pan materials  The various types of bakeware and their materials respond differently to food and heat, so each has its place in the kitchen.High borosilicate glass baking dish  Glass bakeware is best for casseroles, stews, and other foods that require a consistent,
2023/08/16 10:00
Open the refrigerator, such as grocery store, supermarket or vegetable market bought fruits and vegetables, wrapped in plastic bags in the inside; Leftover ingredients, plastic wrap and random letters piled up.There are still leftovers, used sauces, various meats...Refrigerator storage is dirty and
2023/08/02 17:18
1. Different thermal expansion coefficients  Borosilicate glass has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, about one-third that of ordinary glass. This reduces the effects of stress due to temperature gradients, resulting in greater resistance to fracture.2. The main ingredients are different
2023/07/29 13:45
Microwave, Oven-safe ContainerHot weather makes it harder to preserve ingredientsEspecially in the refrigerator, it is very easy to breed bacteriaIt will also make the ingredients smell and moldy  However, wrapping with traditional plastic wrap, silica gel, etc. can only achieve the sealing effect
2023/07/19 11:25
  October 28, 2022, LINUO Technical Glass in borosilicate glass tube kiln ignition ceremony successfully held. Zhao Yu, Director of Consumer Products Industry Department of Shandong Industry and Information Technology Department, Wei Bin, Deputy Director of Jinan Industry and Information Technology
2023/06/26 17:19