Linuo Sustainability



Computer simulation product structure optimization_副本.jpgComputer simulation heat transfer analysis_副本.jpgComputer simulation mold structure_副本.jpg

All models are computer simulations and heat conduction analysis is performed using dedicated software.

Optimize the structure of the product to achieve product lightweight.

Meet the latest mechanical shock and thermal shock resistance standards and solve market pain points.

Computer Simulation Mold StructureComputer Simulation Heat Transfer AnalysisComputer Simulation Product Structure Optimization

  Functional Glass  

  • At present, the bacteriostatic glass project is jointly developed with Qilu University of Technology, and has entered the pilot stage;

  • Subsequently, other functional glass research was carried out with Qilu University of Technology.


  Renewable Materials  


  • At present, it has cooperated with the ecological factory to develop CMD renewable material products, and at the same time is exploring other renewable and environmentally friendly materials.

  • Degradable: CMD biodegradable plastic products, derived from chitin, can be biodegraded in soil or compost under natural conditions.

  • Recyclable: CMD products can be completely recycled and reused after use, and scraps can be recycled.

  Social Responsibility