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President:Mr. Yang Zhongchen

Mr. Yang Zhongchen has more than 20 years of business operation and management experience and is currently the chairman of Linuo Glass. 

Under his leadership, Linuo Glass has gradually become a leading company in the domestic special glass industry.

Personal development

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Innovative ideas live on assertive thinking and action, which is why 

we offer specific support to our employees to aid their strengths 

and sense of initiative. 

We provide a set framework for this at LINUO GLASS. Managers and employees discuss development targets individually on a regular 

basis in standardized qualification meetings. 

The focus here is on our employees suggestions and ideas. This 

enables employees to help shape and drive forward their personal development in their own way. We nurture our employees and their strengths.

Benefits for LINUO GLASS employees

This is what you can expect when you work for LINUO GLASS:

Employee-friendly organization

Excellent development opportunities in the international field

Excellent internal and external training opportunities


Staff Style

Learn from our employees, what it means to work at the Linuo Glass Group.


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