Focus on digital transformation! All Linuo employees learn the results of the smart factory inspection

2023/09/21 11:01

On September 18, the Jiangsu smart factory inspection and learning sharing meeting was held in the third conference room of Linuo. General Manager Yang Zhongchen attended the meeting with heads of departments and employees. Li Silei, deputy director of the Information Center, introduced in detail the inspection of the smart factory in Jiangsu. After learning a lot, General Manager Yang Zhongchen put forward targeted requirements for all employees.


  Li Silei introduced in detail the native digital factory of Siemens CNC (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SNCnew). It is Siemens' first factory built from scratch based on the concept of digital enterprise and adopts a full range of digital solutions.

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  Before SNCnew was put into production, Siemens CNC processes were complex and inefficient. After making full use of digital technology, SNCnew combines factory data, production line data, performance data and even building models to completely realize digital twins and greatly improve the factory's production efficiency and performance.

  Li Silei demonstrated SNC's production area design concept, production area layout, visitor management and factory conditions in detail, and elaborated on why SNC has become Siemens' largest CNC controller, drive, and motor R&D and manufacturing center outside of Germany.

The second factory shared this time is the world's first "5G+Industrial Internet" smart factory that specializes in deep processing of high-strength and wear-resistant steel, namely Nangang JIT+C2M smart factory.

  According to public information, similar companies in Nanjing Iron and Steel require more than 150 people, while Nanjing Iron and Steel JIT+C2M smart factory has only 38 production technicians, with an average production efficiency of 100 tons/month, an efficiency increase of 5 to 10 times, and a production cycle of The 45 to 60 days are shortened to 15 days, and the annual sales growth rate of deeply processed products is 300%.

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  General Manager Yang Zhongchen said that Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has similarities with us. Without digital transformation and upgrading, it would be extremely difficult for traditional manufacturing to further improve. Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.'s digital transformation is well worth our inspection and study again. Nangang's informatization and digitalization are completely completed by its internal self-built team. While undergoing intelligent transformation, it has also cultivated a group of talents and can meet the market's demand for informatization improvement. This is also very inspiring for us.

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  The third company, Jiangsu Only One Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., is also an automated and lean factory. It is designed and manufactured by Swedish designers with a simple style. In addition to digitalization, "Only One" has also achieved leanness and service-oriented, and is full of service spirit and humanistic care for customers and employees.

  Lean management is something that "only one" does particularly well and is worth learning from. General Manager Yang Zhongchen hopes that all employees in the company can comprehensively improve their lean and innovative capabilities.

  General Manager Yang Zhongchen requested that Linuo's digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing transformation are not the tasks of one department, but the common goal of the entire company and various departments. Linuo's digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing must be pragmatic and practical, and must help companies achieve higher production capacity, efficiency, flexibility and quality.

  At the end of the meeting, General Manager Yang Zhongchen asked all employees to have a deep understanding of three aspects:

  First, we must have lean concepts and ideas. It should be reflected not only in lean production, but also in all aspects of work;

  Second, we must continue to learn. You must have a sense of learning and the ability to learn independently.

  Third, we must continue to go out and open our horizons. Learn from advanced enterprises, find benchmarks and gaps, improve ideological awareness and structure, continue to innovate and break through yourself.

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