Linuo Glass Smart Factory

Linuo Glass Smart Factory: A New Era in Manufacturing Excellence


In collaboration with Siemens, we are forging ahead into a new era of innovation with the construction of the Linuo Glass Smart Factory.


Raw Material Inspection


Upon arrival, every batch of raw materials undergoes a comprehensive inspection in our state-of-the-art CNAS-accredited laboratory. The LIMS management system is employed to ensure the precision and reliability of our inspection outcomes.


Automatic Batching


Key ingredients such as soda ash, borax, and quartz sand are meticulously measured and mixed through an advanced automatic batching system, guaranteeing the uniformity and consistency of our glass formulations.


Melting Process

Leveraging cutting-edge data twin and big data technologies, we have developed efficient and eco-friendly kiln models. These innovations are complemented by energy management systems that are instrumental in the pursuit of our corporate low-carbon initiatives.


Our DCS management system facilitates the precise automatic control and adjustment of glass melt temperature and liquid level, thereby maintaining the superior quality of our glass melting process.



Equipped with fully automated feeding machinery, we maintain stringent control over material weights. This ensures the uniformity required for our commitment to lightweight production standards.



To cater to the diverse and specific needs of our clientele, we utilize APS intelligent scheduling to achieve a high degree of production flexibility.


Transmission, Annealing, and Cleaning

In a controlled clean room environment, we subject our products to a 360° intelligent testing regime using sophisticated equipment. This ensures that each product meets the highest quality benchmarks before it leaves our facility.


Quality Assurance and Traceability


By integrating our MES system, we enable complete traceability of product quality. This commitment to excellence ensures that our customers receive premium, high-quality products that exceed their expectations.


Our products are specifically designed for use in the packaging of biological agents, vaccines, blood products, injections, health products, and high-end pharmaceuticals.



We have adopted the latest intelligent and digital equipment to fully automate our packaging processes, which include thermoplastic packaging, tray lamination, stacking, wrapping, and label application.


Physical and Chemical Performance Testing


Our products undergo rigorous physical and chemical performance tests to confirm compliance with the standards set by EP, USP, JP, and the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.


Warehousing and Logistics


Products are automatically transported to the warehouse entrance using ATV vehicles. Inside the warehouse, RTVs and stacker cranes are employed to achieve seamless, fully automated product storage and retrieval.